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Big Data Solutions Help Monetize Your Mobile Apps

  Most app developers and businesses simply create a mobile app for their service and put it on Apple AppStore, Google Play, and other app sites. After that, there is really nothing more for them to do except to pray that people stumble upon their app and spend
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Getting into Big Data Solutions? Understand the Six Vs of Big Data First!

  Big data solutions can help save your company and make you more competitive. However, understanding big data is never easy. We can make it easier for you to understand this technology and hopefully make you comfortable using big data solutions for your business. There are six Vs
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Trends for 2017: Focus on Big Data Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning depend on big data solutions in order to become useful. On the other end of the spectrum, big data becomes more manageable when humans are no longer tasked with identifying every bit of data that comes into the system. In short, artificial intelligence
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How to Get the Most Out of Big Data Solutions: Top 3 things you can do

Is there any business that has not heard about big data solutions and the benefits they could bring? It would seem that every organization worth its salt had seen the potentials of big data and is either currently planning on setting up its big data solutions or maintaining
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Big Data Solutions Help Fight Hackers

Big data consultancy services help businesses become more secure. This entails employing big data solutions to scout a company’s digital perimeters to ensure that weak points are fortified and cyber attacks are kept out. Ever since computing was invented, there have always been hackers out there that would
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Using Big Data Solutions for Security

Big data and analytics are no longer just a fad. There are now more companies that have adopted some form of big data solutions. As early as September 2014, Gartner has estimated that 73% of organizations are looking at big data, either planning to invest in or in
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