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What can Oracle’s Best of Suite Applications deliver to your business?

Imagine having the best-of-breed applications addressing your specific business needs, but you are dealing with multiple vendors for different solutions. Will it not be troublesome for your IT team to deploy and manage everything? What if you have the option to deal with just one vendor for all
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Hardware Spotlight: Sun Blade X4-2B Server Module

  Sun Blade is a line of servers sold by Sun Microsystems, which is a unit of Oracle Corporation. The Sun Blade X4-2B Server Module uses Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors, considered to be the highest performing nowadays.  This makes the Sun Blade X4-2B the best choice for
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Product Spotlight: Oracle Database Cloud Service – S50

The best thing about the cloud is that you can get all the services, software, infrastructure and platform that you need without having to spend too much on hardware and other stuff just to get things up and running.  This means that your business can easily scale when
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Hardware Spotlight: Oracle SPARC T5

The Oracle SPARC T5 processor is currently the most scalable multi-core processor.  It doubles the performance of the SPARC T4. The SPARC T5 gives you superior multi-threaded performance with 16 complex cores, each core having eight threads.  It can run 128 threads simultaneously. The SPARC T5 can give
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