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November 8, 2019
IoT and IIot: What are their similarities and differences?

IoT and IIot: What are their similarities and differences?

It’s been a while since the world has known about the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). And their benefits are very apparent. It’s not surprising that the market for IoT has grown. Fortune Business Insights reports that the international IoT market in 2018 was valued at $190 billion. That […]

October 20, 2019
Oracle’s New Cloud Strategy – the Oracle Autonomous Linux

Oracle’s New Cloud Strategy – the Oracle Autonomous Linux

There is no doubt that Oracle is one of the prominent players in the cloud game. It has not stopped churning out one development after another. The company has really been innovating to retain customers in this very competitive space where competitors include heavyweights such as Amazon and Microsoft. The thing with Oracle is that […]

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Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence

It’s easy to confuse business analytics and business intelligence. However, it should be clear to you that these two processes are different. To make it simple, business analytics is involved in advanced statistics and predictive modeling. On the other hand, business intelligence will help you decide what to do depending on the data that is […]

Protect Sensitive Data and Prevent Breaches with MySQL Enterprise Security

Your database has every important pieces of information that your company holds. Imagine giving all of that crucial data to your competitors, or worse, let hackers have a go at them. As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep that data private to conform to regulations. Depending on your industry, the […]

Cloud-Native and Microservice User: How Oracle can help with your next-gen app

Next generation applications should be cloud-native. These should also use microservices. Cloud-native is when you build applications that are designed to take full advantage of cloud delivery. It is not just virtualizing whatever application you have so that it could run in the cloud. Cloud-native applications require the use of containers, continuous integration and continuous deployment, microservices, […]

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