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Oracle PaaS Cloud Services Resellcloud-resell

Four Cornerstone and Oracle also offer Oracle PaaS Cloud Services, allowing you to get an Oracle Database or Oracle Middleware in the cloud.  The benefits are obvious: you can provision an Oracle Database or Fusion Middleware Java Service in the cloud within minutes.  It is also very flexible with a variety of enterprise management options and simple enough to have your instances run in just a few clicks.  

Oracle Database technology is the technology of choice for the majority of the largest organizations in the world. 

To learn more information about Oracle PaaS Cloud Services  (benefits, approach, attributes, etc.), you can review our detailed articles here.

Working with Four Cornerstone, you can have a team of Oracle certified experts who can work with you on all Oracle Database cloud deployments, as well as all the necessary components that would give you maximum availability.  

Four Cornerstone offers you three different Oracle Cloud Services offerings for utilizing the database as a service:

1. Database Schema Service, where you can get a schema on Oracle Database, flexible database storage plans at 5 to 50 gigabytes, Oracle Application Express, and RESTful Web Services.
2. Virtual Image, where you get a dedicated VM where you could run your Oracle Database 12 or 11g.  You have the software pre-installed so that you can create database instances using DBCA or manually.  You also receive access to SQL*Net and full administrative root OS.
3. Database as a Service, where you have a dedicated virtual machine for your Oracle Database 12c or 11g.  You can use a wizard to create a database using pre-defined configuration point.  This option also comes will full SQL*Net access, administrative root OS, SYSDBA access and management, back up, recover and upgrade tools.

All of these are able to be proactively monitored and managed by a team of experts at Four Cornerstone. Contact us now!