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Emergency Support

Four Cornerstone offers emergency MySQL Database support that will help you weather any issue, from your database crashing to getting corrupted.

Your MySQL Database needs to be scalable and flexible. It should deliver top-notch performance for your needs, whether you are running a data warehouse or using your database for smaller embedded applications.

Call Four Cornerstone when your site content fails to load, or when visitors to your website encounters an “Error establishing a database connection” message. Contact us for just about any problem with your MySQL databases. From permissions and connection issues, to corrupted databases, help is just one call away.

Four Cornerstone can help you:

  1. Identify the problem and its possible causes.
  2. Fix the issues using the best practices that we have gained from years of experience and professional expertise.
  3. Test the fixes and ensure that the problem does not recur.
  4. Implement other fixes to ensure that your MySQL Database is highly performing, scalable and flexible.

You get:

  • Fast, immediate troubleshooting. Problems arise at the most unexpected times and your administrator might be unavailable. Four Cornerstone ensures that you get back on your feet as soon as possible no matter when disaster strikes. What you get is around-the-clock emergency support, all days of the year!
  • Expert handling. Four Cornerstone is an Oracle MySQL Preferred Business Partner. That means that you get a team of MySQL experts working on your problems. Our expert team also works with MySQL’s own support team to identify and patch the bugs that are causing issues with your MySQL implementations.
  • No sweat troubleshooting. Four Cornerstone has worked with several companies in different industries when they had unexpected MySQL Database outages. Some of the issues we can solve include MySQL storage engine optimization, MySQL query tuning, data recovery, and performance and scalability tuning.
  • Pay only for the services you get. Our team of experts is always ready to serve you and you get billed only for the time that it works on your MySQL Database concerns. Think of us as your supplementary IT department without the hefty salaries and benefits. You only pay when there is an emergency and our assistance is needed. You only pay when we work for you!

Contacting Four Cornerstone is the best way to ensure that your MySQL Database runs smoothly while also being able to get adequate emergency support when you need it. Issues are solved, and solved quickly. However, that is not enough. Four Cornerstone also ensures that you do not risk turning off your customers and taking a hit on your company’s reputation by proactively making sure that you do not encounter any problems with MySQL in the first place.

Further, even after the emergency has been settled, we make sure that you avoid any potential problems that you may encounter as a result of your MySQL Database crashing. For instance, Four Cornerstone can proactively whittle out possible issues with MyISAM tables, corruption in binary logs, performance slowdowns, and Innodb recovery, as well as a host of other secondary issues.

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