Proactive Monitoring / Remote DBA Support


remote DBA Support

Proactive Monitoring / Remote DBA Support

Remote DBA Support – More Focus, Less Worry

In today’s business world, it is best to have your own in-house database administrator who would be able to focus on everything that your database needs. However, that is easier said than done. The shortage of talented Oracle database administrators, the wide scope and range of database technologies and software, and the costs of hiring a skilled Oracle database administrator are making difficult for companies to attract a DBA that is the right fit.

There are two ways to get around this. One is to train your junior IT staff for database administration duties. This is a viable option if you could afford the cost of Oracle training, which could easily rack up to more than $70,000. Plus, you would need to have the luxury of time to wait for your IT personnel to be skilled enough to manage your databases. In addition to the costs, the risk you are taking by placing your most critical databases with a junior to mid-level DBA is substantial.

Or you could call Four Cornerstone at (817) 377-1144 and speak to us about our Remote DBA Support. Our firm also refers to our remote Oracle DBA support as proactive monitoring. We can also be contacted at

We offer you proactive management of your databases so that you could focus more on running your business rather than worrying about your Oracle systems.

What can you expect from Four Cornerstone?

Why wait until your database is offline and causes you a ton of headaches? Four Cornerstone can help you become more aware and assist you in addressing any issues before they become a problem.

What can we offer you?

  • Comprehensive proactive monitoring of your databases and Fusion Middleware.
  • High-level monitoring services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!
  • Additional on-demand services when you need it as you need it.
  • Daily snapshots of your data and systems.
  • Ensuring backup and recovery processes are successful.
  • Provide weekly or monthly database reports to management.
  • Daily notifications, fixing corrupt and invalid objects and other daily services.

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