4 tips on how to evaluate the right database technology for your business

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4 tips on how to evaluate the right database technology for your business

With several database technology options available in the market, how do you know which one works for your company best? What are the crucial elements to consider when choosing the right solution for your organization before deploying it?

Here are some helpful tips to guide you when acquiring database technology:

  1. Evaluate the individual pieces of your existing technology and use it for the individual applications. When acquiring various types of technology, you want to ensure that you only apply those pieces of technology for the right purpose. Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), a sophisticated database management technology, can overcome the limitations of traditional shared-nothing and shared-disk approaches. It provides highly scalable and highly available database solutions for all your business applications. Regarded as the most powerful database technology by many organizations, Oracle RAC boasts of many remarkable functionalities and outstanding value.
  1. Check the availability feature of the database. If you need to monitor many critical aspects in your business, you cannot afford your system and database to be down for hours. Choose a database that can support your business on time, all the time. Oracle Database Cloud Service has backup procedures to make sure that your data will always be available and protected against any failure. What makes Oracle Database Cloud Service a dependable solution is its data redundancy feature. It has triple data mirroring that protects your data against disk failures. As such, even if two disk drives fail at the same time, you still have a third copy of your data, giving you total peace of mind.
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  1. Assess the replication capability of the database. If the way you run your business requires you to replicate the data, choose a database that allows you to do so. For example, you operate three hotels within the same vicinity, and you want to sell a voucher that can be valid at all three places. Select a database that enables you to have a differentiating factor that will make your hotel stand out from the competition through your powerful technology. This capability helps you build a more resilient and healthier business.
  1. Review how robust and agile the database technology is. Performance is a critical factor to any system’s success. Evaluate the capability of the database to accelerate and maximize your business performance. Does it offer the valuable tools and proven set of applications to help you achieve immediate business benefits?


Oracle Database has been delivering outstanding performance to its global customers for decades, for different sizes and varieties of workloads.

Going through a detailed evaluation process will help you make a better-informed decision when choosing the right database technology. Review all the capabilities, functionalities, strength and flexibility of the product.

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