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Disaster Recovery

6 Ways IT Disaster Recovery Services Can Save Businesses

According to The State of Global Disaster Recovery Preparedness annual report for 2014, 36% of companies and organizations have experienced losing at least one critical virtual machine, application, or important file or data for several hours. Close to 20% of these companies had reported having lost access to critical data for days. Around 25% had […]

In Case of Emergency: Do You Have a Database Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disasters can happen.  You pray that they don’t, but more than praying, what you should really be doing is to put a disaster recovery plan in place.  Having a disaster recovery plan is part of overall business continuity contingencies that every organization needs.  It allows you to ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum […]

A Better Understanding of the Importance of Enterprise Security

In a society like ours, security is a constant challenge. This is especially true if we take technology into consideration. Our world today is highly technological. It is dependent on technology. The Internet, online media, our mobile devices, and everything else that is driven by technology define practically all our actions. Oftentimes, we use technology […]

What Is Homomorphic Encryption and How Can You Use it to Protect Your Business?

This might be the first time you are hearing about homomorphic encryption, but it certainly won’t be the last. The problem with encrypting your data is that you cannot do anything with it until you decrypt it again in plain text. For example, if you put your files on a third-party server and you do […]