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The thing with software, hardware and other IT-related assets is that things could easily get complicated.  You need to make sure that you can solve any problems as fast as you could.

For instance, if your database gets corrupted, you should be able to fix the issues before your customers complain.  If your customers are unable to visit your website or online store, you should be able to put everything back up before they decide to just give up on you and go to your competitors.

The problem is that there is really no way for you to plan for these outages, problems, and issues.  And for that, you need a reliable team of experts that can help you when you are in a bind.

The good news is that Four Cornerstone can be THAT team.

At Four Cornerstone, you can expect:

  • The highest levels of customer satisfaction.  We at Four Cornerstone know that our customers are the best advertisements we have for our service.  Because of that, we strive to deliver the best service at rates you could afford.  We deliver and we deliver every time!  Professionalism is also at the heart of everything that we do. What you need is responsive, fast, and capable assistance, and that is what we give you every single time.  Lastly, our team is well-versed in all the latest technologies, ensuring that we give you the best possible IT services, including database troubleshooting, installation, upgrade, updating, patching, recovery, and infrastructure support.
  • Proactive and responsive service. Our emergency support services ensure that you are back on your feet in no time. Yet, our skilled professionals ensure that the need for immediate support is lessened because we implement all the best practices in IT when it comes to your operations.
  • Solutions that are customized to your needs. Our team of experts is able to come up with custom applications and solutions to ensure that you are not plagued with problems and that our solutions are tailor-fit to your business.

When it comes to our emergency support services, we offer:

Oracle Emergency Support. Get immediate assistance when your Oracle Databases crash, or if you have problems with the recovery of your Oracle Database.  You can also get immediate help with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle RAC, Oracle Stream, or Data Guard.

Oracle MySQL Database Support. Make sure that you can get your MySQL databases back online while also avoiding other potential problems that usually follow a downtime.

Infrastructure Support. Get the best platform, OS and hardware for your IT operations when you let Four Cornerstone assess your business needs and design and deploy the infrastructure you need to attain these goals.

Four Cornerstone offers round-the-clock support and assistance.  We are here for you, regardless of when service interruptions, database corruption, issues with your infrastructure, and other debilitating problems with your Oracle deployments and your MySQL Database occur.

Call us today at (817) 377-1144 and find out how you could gain peace of mind knowing that Four Cornerstone has you covered when anything in your IT goes wrong.