Enterprise Business Applications


Enterprise Business Applications

Oracle E-Business Suite gives you a wide range of integrated business applications that help you reduce cost, increase your bottom line and make better decisions. These applications focus on different aspects of your operations, including customer relationship management (CRM), service management, financial management, human capital management, project portfolio management, advance procurement, supply chain management, value chain planning and value chain execution.

The E-Business suite (EBS) of applications helps you manage the very complex aspects of your operations. It does not matter whether you have a small business or a part of a global conglomerate; these applications will be helpful to you and your organization. Plus, they come right out of the box without you having to write any code.

Four Cornerstone provides functional and technical consulting services related to these enterprise applications. We can help you implement an integrated suite of applications that is built on Oracle technlogies, yet has all the functionality you need to give you a full view of your finances, suppliers and customers. We can also help you automate processes across your business.

Four Cornerstone has a team of certified Oracle E-Business Suite experts to help you determine which of these business applications are most relevant to you. We could work with you to deploy and implement these applications, as well as upgrade them. All of the Oracle E-Business Suite applications are constantly being updated and improved by Oracle to make sure that they stay relevant to your business processes. As such, you would need to know if there is an update available and allow us to take care of the entire upgrade or update process for you.

Four Cornerstone does not simply stop at determining what applications are helpful to you and then deploy them. We also:

  • Perform strategic assessments.

  • Customize your applications. If you need a functionality that any of these applications does not deliver, we can write that functionality in for you.

  • Ongoing technical support. It is like having your own IT personnel, only that we help you with your Oracle E-Business issues 24/7 on demand. You only pay for the time we actually worked!