Enterprise Storage


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Enterprise storage is one of the most important IT investments that a business undertakes.  It is a centralized repository for all your business information, providing common data management, data protection, and data sharing functions.  All your processes will have to refer to the data in your storage in order to be of value to you.  What’s more, business continuity, disaster recovery and risk reduction strategies are all directly connected to your enterprise storage.

Isn’t it about time that you let the experts guide you as far as enterprise storage is concerned?

Four Cornerstone will examine your business operations, your needs, and current storage environment to help you come up with enterprise storage that delivers:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Better storage utilization
  • Higher returns on investment
  • Better efficiency of your IT investments

With our enterprise storage consulting, you get a thorough picture that includes:

  1. Performance analysis and tuning. How does your enterprise storage affect performance?  And how will a better enterprise storage solution help you improve performance?  Four Cornerstone would then do some performance tuning – from the storage to your infrastructure stack, making sure that bottlenecks and other performance slowdowns are corrected.
  2. Capacity management.  How much capacity are you going to need in the future?  Four Cornerstone will help you find out to make sure that you do not encounter problems with your storage capacity no matter where your operations take you, all the while making sure that you do not unnecessarily pay for storage that you do not really need.
  3. Selection or migration.  Four Cornerstone can help you choose the right storage solutions for your needs. We can help you evaluate different storage solutions with easy side-by-side comparisons and real life load testing results.  Or if you want to use an entirely new storage system than what you are currently using, we can help migrate your systems as well.  As an Oracle Gold Partner, we can even help you migrate your Oracle databases to a new storage system without affecting your operations.
  4. Future-proof.  On top of being able to get a storage system that would be sufficient for your needs, Four Cornerstone can also help you test hyper-converged platforms to help you learn if this is the right solution for your data.  And if you are looking to get on the cloud for your storage requirements, we can also help you know and evaluate several storage-as-a-service platforms.

Four Cornerstone can help you manage your enterprise storage with no problem.  We let you fully appreciate just how much storage you need, and help you choose the right platform.  We also assist with designing your storage area network, get in control with your backup and data migration, and even check how to fine tune performance and capacity issues.  Furthermore, we can help consolidate your storage, as well as recommend storage management solutions.
Call Four Cornerstone at (817) 377-1144 today and get vendor independent recommendations on your storage needs.  We can help lower the total cost of ownership, thereby helping you get higher returns on your storage investments.