Enterprise Technology Resale


Enterprise Technology Resell

Four Cornerstone is one of Oracle Corporation’s Preferred Business Partners and one of the top resell firms. Four Cornerstone has been an Oracle Gold Partner and value-added reseller since 2004.

Being a Gold partner and reseller means that Four Cornerstone continues to prove itself when delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and technical expertise.  This is because Four Cornerstone consistently gives customers cost-effective and affordable hardware and software licensing options that offer them the best returns on their investments.  This would not be possible if we did not help our customers price, buy and deploy their Oracle software while also providing top-notch account management, technical support and post-sales support and service.

Working with Four Cornerstone can help you understand your specific business or technical needs.  Only with a thorough understanding of your requirements will you be able to decide on the optimal  solution of Oracle technologies.  And we offer the complete suite of software from Oracle: Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, enterprise development tools and options, and even hardware such as the Oracle Database Appliance.

Not only that, we also offer products and software that compliment Oracle.  These include MySQL and Java enterprise technologies.

Only Four Cornerstone has this depth of experience that allows us to ensure that our clients are licensed correctly and at the lowest possible price. We are guided by the goal of ensuring that you fully benefit from your Oracle investments while also receiving the most up-to-date information available.  We give you all the information you need to make the best decision regarding your Oracle investments.

Our Guarantee: You will always pay less when you buy with Four Cornerstone.

Why Four Cornerstone?

Four Cornerstone has worked with a wide range of companies coming from different industries. Our team emcompasses many years of enterprise technology experience which help us to understand what types of challenges, operating environments and needs a typical company has.  Couple that with our discovery of your company’s specific needs, and we can guarantee that you would get the right combination of servers and licenses, while also ensuring that you achieve the performance you want out of your systems.  Without having to delve into the complexities of ensuring that you are adequately licensed, you also no longer have to pay for licenses you do not need to use.

Also, working with Four Cornerstone means that you could be combining your hardware and software purchases, which could lead to better pricing and more discounts.

Furthermore, we could easily coordinate and manage support issues.

For more information regarding your Oracle software licensing needs, you can contact us at (817)-377-1144.