Enterprise Technology Reseller


Enterprise Technology Reseller

Four Cornerstone is an Oracle Corporation Preferred Business Partner and one of the top resell firms in the United States. Four Cornerstone has been an Oracle Gold Partner and value-added reseller since 2004.

As a Specialized Gold partner and reseller, Four Cornerstone continually delivers high levels of customer satisfaction and technical expertise. We consistently provide hardware and software to resell options that are cost-effective, affordable and offer the best returns on investment. We help you accurately scope the requirements, design and or architect an environment, price, buy and deploy your Oracle enterprise technology. Our top-notch account management provides technical support, training, mentoring, post-sales support, and client service.

Working as your technology business partner, Four Cornerstone can help you understand your specific business or technical needs. We have the expertise to help you develop a thorough understanding of your requirements in order to accurately provide an estimate and or scope of work. Four Cornerstone offers the complete suite of technology from Oracle: Cloud Services, Engineered Systems, Enterprise Linux, Virtual Machine, Database (Oracle and MySQL), Middleware, Enterprise security application development tools and options, and even hardware such as the Oracle Database Appliance and Exadata.

In addition, we are able to provide value around technologies such as Redhat Linux, EMC, VMWare, HP, etc. that complement Oracle.

Only Four Cornerstone has this depth of experience that allows us to ensure that our clients are licensed correctly and at the lowest possible price. It is our goal that you fully benefit from your enterprise technology investments and receive the most up-to-date information available.  We give you all the information you need to make the best decision regarding your technology systems.

Our Guarantee: You will always receive the maximum value and best overall client experience when working with Four Cornerstone.

Why Four Cornerstone?

We have experience working in multiple industries, all different size companies, and have vertical experience in multiple lines of business. Our many years of enterprise technology experience help us to understand the challenges and operating environments and needs of a typical company. Based on our discovery of your company’s specific needs, we guarantee that you will get the right combination of technology, and ensure that you achieve the optimal performance you desire out of your systems. Without having to delve into the complexities of adequate licensing, you also no longer have to pay for licenses you do not need to use.

Working with Four Cornerstone means that you could be combining your hardware, software, and or Cloud Services purchases, which could lead to better pricing and more discounts. We have helped multiple companies assess their current licensing, compare it to the current state, understand future state requirements, and help to consolidate the licensing and or hardware arrangement to save money across the board. This may or may not include the use or recommendation of Cloud Services to help through the process.

Furthermore, we could easily coordinate and manage support issues.

For more information regarding your Oracle technology needs, you can contact us at (817) 377-1144 or through email, info@fourcornerstone.com.