MySQL Consulting Support


MySQL Consulting Support

Four Cornerstone, an Oracle MySQL Preferred Business Partner and services’ firm helps our customers to leverage the Oracle MySQL technology investment to the full extent. Our firm is one of the only Oracle preferred MySQL business partners within the channel program that is providing MySQL consulting support.

We support MySQL Enterprise Edition, which includes the most advanced features, technical support and management tools that you would need to give you the best of MySQL. Working with our firm will allow you to reliably and securely run MySQL Enterprise at a scale that you need to maintain high levels of uptime and maximum performance across the enterprise.

MySQL Enterprise allows you to leverage the following features:
• Enterprise Backup
• Complete High Availability
• Scalability
• Security
• Audit
• Monitor
• Workbench
• Technical support

Protect your critical information and data, and ensure that your MySQL Enterprise is up and running when you need it.

In addition, your organization will also have access to:
• Flexible NoSQL
• Improved performance with the new Cluster 7.3 Development Milestone Release
• Get more choices when it comes to enterprise availability.
• Make it easy to switch from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL Enterprise

Why choose Four Cornerstone?

Get top-notch MySQL technology support from our experts.

Nobody understands MySQL consulting support better than our team of experts with decades of experience between them. We have professionals who have worked extensively with MySQL and enterprise-level open source technologies for years.

Reduce your MySQL costs.

We allow you to optimize your MySQL investments by helping you maximize your usage, along with reducing payroll by getting the help you need on demand. Pay only for the services you use!

What’s more, at Four Cornerstone, we understand that you need help fast. You may contact us on demand and it will feel just like having a full-time MySQL DBA on your staff, on call.

Get your strategy in line.

From scale-out to high availability, from selecting storage engines to disaster recovery and backups, Four Cornerstone can help you.

Give us a call us now at (817) 377-1144 to find out how.

Learn more from our knowledge base.

Four Cornerstone is not just all talk. But we understand that it is difficult to make an evaluation without having that experience with us.  So we invite you to learn from us.

We provide blog articles that aim to educate our clients and site visitors on everything Oracle, including a whole category of related MySQL information.

If you have an enterprise with several read-intensive applications, read this article about MySQL Classic Edition. Want to know more about MySQL Embedded? Click here.

Additional posts include information on MySQL APT Repository and MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition architecture.

Proactive monitoring and complete Remote DBA services.

Four Cornerstone can take a look at your current enterprise MySQL environment and the organization’s database requirements and needs. We can provide you with a plan on how to best implement your design and architecture based on the true set of business requirements found in our thorough discovery process. We also provide other remote or onsite administration DBA services such as installing MySQL, implementing your database schema, loading and migrating data from your current systems and even providing you with a guideline on your MySQL deployments based on best practices and our industry experience.

We are able to provide remote MySQL consulting support, so even if you do not have the personnel or the budget to hire a full-time database administrator, you have access to the expertise needed to run your MySQL Database.

Improve with MySQL performance tuning.

Four Cornerstone also offers MySQL tuning by providing recommendations on your configuration, queries, schema, indexing, storage engines, and high level architecture. We can also help you implement these recommendations as well as pinpoint other factors that might slow down your MySQL performance!

Get ahead with high availability and migration.

You might be using other database technologies such as SQL Server, DB2, Sybase or others and you would want to get into MySQL, or you might want to upgrade to the latest MySQL version. You do not have to worry about potential problems and incompatibilities. Four Cornerstone can help you analyze what you currently have and ensure a stress-free migration. We can also help you get your head wrapped around high availability and cluster, including determining potential limitations and possible issues and benchmarking.

Get your team up to speed with MySQL Training.

Four Cornerstone can help equip your professionals with the know-how and skills they need to keep your MySQL environment running smoothly. We will help you maximize your current investments in enterprise hardware and software with all of our MySQL services – from database tuning to making necessary changes to your database, each process following best practices.  We can also help you get ready for the future and anticipate your needs by helping you evaluate more advanced MySQL architectures, such as synchronous multi-master replication or master/slave replication. Our team is also available to provide education on MySQL Database technologies.