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Online Security

Get to Know More about ZCryptor: A ransomware that behaves like a worm

Ransomware takes its name from the fact that it holds your computer hostage and you would not be able to use it until you do what it asks you to do. Usually, ransomware bars you from using your computer until you pay money or complete a survey. Ransomware behavior varies, but usually it prevents you […]

What Businesses Should Do In Case of a Cyber Attack

Time and again, we hear stories of enterprises falling prey to cyber attacks. The main reason why businesses are easily victimized by online attackers is the fact that not all companies are prepared to protect their systems against hackers and other cyber criminals. Of course, this includes the financial vulnerabilities of a company. In the […]

A Better Understanding of the Importance of Enterprise Security

In a society like ours, security is a constant challenge. This is especially true if we take technology into consideration. Our world today is highly technological. It is dependent on technology. The Internet, online media, our mobile devices, and everything else that is driven by technology define practically all our actions. Oftentimes, we use technology […]

An Introduction to MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption

  Transparent Data Encryption or TDE has been around for years. We all know what it does: encrypt database in its entirety and making this fully transparent to all applications that gain access to the database. TDE also encrypts all database backups. For this and other reasons, sensitive information is kept safe, including data-at-rest. Database […]

Oversee Database Traffic Threats with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall brings together all your data auditing platforms no matter where it is from.  Audit data coming from your OSs and databases are consolidated into one location.  You can make use of a very accurate SQL engine that tracks and blocks any unauthorized traffic even before it gets to your […]

Oracle Key Vault: Manage your encryption keys, Oracle Wallets, Java Keystores and credential files in a single platform

Your data is vulnerable to hacking and other security threats.  On top of that, there are several government and industry regulations that you would need to comply with, especially when you are dealing with credit card information, personally identifiable information and other confidential data that you may get. As part of its database security products, […]

Oracle Database Security Products: Protect your business data from offline and online threats

  Because data is your most important asset, it is really important to make sure that your data is safe.  If you are using Oracle Database, then half the battle for securing your data is already won.  But Oracle has a suite of security products that can help you protect your data, safeguard its privacy […]

Get to Know More about Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and How You Can Protect Your Business Against Them

Advanced Persistent Threats: How They Work on Symantec.com If experiencing a military-grade cyber attack on your business sounds scary, then that’s exactly what Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are. This kind of infiltration means attackers get inside your network, gain access to all your sensitive data and wreck havoc on your system even without you knowing […]

Oracle’s Race Against Heartbleed Vulnerability

The Heartbleed Virus has wrought havoc around the world since its April 1, 2014 discovery. Also known by its official Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures number, CVE-2014-0160, it posed massive security issues for personal financial information, including private keys, passwords and cookies. Nearly 17 percent, or close to half a million secure servers on the web […]