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Oracle Database Development Servicestwo-it-engineers

One-Of-A-Kind Databases

You need databases that meet the needs of your business, and not the other way around. Create a database that is truly fit for your operations with Four Cornerstone. Four Cornerstone can help you develop databases from scratch, allowing you to have one that becomes the solid foundation for your business. We offer fully customized solutions that allow you to save time and money. Working with Four Cornerstone further allows you to have a highly flexible database. This goes a long way in getting the database that you need, growing it as you grow. Four Cornerstone uses the latest and most cutting edge database technologies and languages. Not only that, you also get to work with our team – a team of the best database development professionals, developers and consultants. From design, to development, to implementation and integration, Four Cornerstone can help you get your Oracle Databases off the ground.

We offer:

1. Oracle Database development
2. Oracle Database design
3. Oracle Database migration
4. Oracle Database support and maintenance

Using Oracle for your database brings a lot of benefits to your business. For one, you will no longer have to worry about performance issues, downtime and compatibility. You can maintain and operate an Oracle Database with less costs and manpower. Plus, you will have Four Cornerstone backing you every step of the way!

MySQL Development

MySQL runs the most relational databases in the world and is used by the world’s most famous Web sites and IT departments. Four Cornerstone has some of the best MySQL developers in the team. With a combined 15+ years of MySQL expertise and experience, we can help you get started with MySQL for your databases. Four Cornerstone has been consulting for and supporting our clients on MySQL development for years. This gives us the experience to work with just about any business in just about any industry.

Getting your MySQL development done by experts like us allows you to have:

  • Embedded DB libraries
  • Query caching
  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Updated views
  • Use of stored procedures & triggers

What’s more, we can help you prepare and process Big Data. We make sure that your database running under MySQL will be able to provide you with high quality data as well as constant availability. Further, Four Cornerstone can get your MySQL Database up and running. We offer SQL design and code development for MySQL Databases. We take care of designing your MySQL Databases as well as your programming needs! Four Cornerstone has the necessary tools, as well. We know that experience and expertise are only half of the battle, as you also need to be able to use the best and latest tools and technology available.

So working with Four Cornerstone allows you to have the best MySQL development team working for you plus access to the latest, most updated and highly secure technologies and tools available in the market. How is that for a solid investment in your databases and overall IT infrastructure?

Four Cornerstone offers:

  • MySQL Database Administration, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data Services
  • MySQL Database Integration
  • MySQL Database Support

We give you our expertise and skills in MySQL development, including:

  • Database design and development
  • Maintenance and administration
  • Programming
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Reporting

Four Cornerstone can also help you with:

  • Relational schema and entity design, where we use entity-relationship modeling to help you design your database from the top down. This includes knowing and analyzing your requirements, creating a conceptual design of your data and logically designing the data.
  • PL/SQL procedures design and code development for Oracle Databases. Procedural Language/Structured Query Language is a programming language that you need to write applications for Oracle’s relational databases and procedural extensions. Four Cornerstone has the expertise to help you come up with programs and applications for your databases.
  • Transact SQL design and code development for MS-SQL Servers. Four Cornerstone is not limited to just Oracle, we can also help you with Transact SQL design and programming for your MS-SQL servers.
  • Data warehouse and Data-Mart schema design and ETL developments. When you need to migrate to another database format or create data warehouses and data schema, you would need to master extracting, transforming and loading data from your existing database. Four Cornerstone can cut the time and headache you go through with out expertise. What’s more, we could help you design your data warehouse and data mart.

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