Oracle Enterprise Security Solutions


Oracle Enterprise Security Solutions

There is something about enterprise security that makes companies take it for granted until they fall victim to hacking, ID theft, viruses, as well as a host of other threats. Most companies see it as a requirement that they have to fulfill, a burden that they have to bear. They focus on keeping unauthorized people out and giving several security levels to different classes of users.

Four Cornerstone helps you take your systems’ security seriously. We help you make it a priority from the very start. We assist you in coming up with security policies and how to implement them. And to further make it worth your while, everything we do is fully documented in order for you to easily review it.

Four Cornerstone offers enterprise identity management solutions that would enable you to manage access to your company’s resources.

In addition, we help you with:

  • Enterprise Data Encryption
  • Virtual Private Database
  • Enterprise User Security
  • Secure Application Roles
  • Fine Grained Auditing
  • Identity Management
  • Access Management

With Oracle Identity Manager, we can help you:

  • Secure the Smart Grid
  • Have better cyber security
  • Secure your database
  • Ensure compliance, enforcement and reporting
  • Lower risk for your business
  • Secure your applications

Four Cornerstone can also help you architect and design more secure systems. Aside from Oracle Identity Manager, we can assist you in deploying:

  • Oracle Enterprise Single Sign-On
  • Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
  • Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD)
  • Audit Vault
  • Database Vault
  • Advanced Security Option (ASO)

More than just a technology requirement

While leveraging many of these enterprise security technologies, we can help you build creative and innovative solutions while also making sure that everything is in place and working properly as far as security is concerned. Four Cornerstone can also help you get more relevant solutions that are geared towards your operations and your industry. This way, your security solutions are more robust and more able to fight the challenges that your industry faces. We also help you customize your security solutions to be more adaptable to your employees, stakeholders and other users.