Oracle SOA Consulting


Oracle SOA Consulting

Enterprises across the world have deployed best-in-class business systems but face the challenge of creating best-in-class business processes that integrate systems and organization efficiently and effectively. With the emergence of Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM), enterprises now have the technologies and methodology to help address the problem.

Our Rapid Business Transformation methodology takes a process-driven approach and delivers a complete integration solution.

Four Cornerstone for your SOA/BPM needs

Proven Rapid Business Transformation Methodology

  • Business Transformation Methodology for rapid BPM-driven SOA implementations
  • BPM and SOA Technology used every step of the way

Technology and Integration Solutions Expertise

  • Experts in developing Integration solutions using SOA, BPM, and AIA technology
  • BI and BAM expertise for vertical and horizontal process metrics and analytics

Business Systems and Process Expertise

  • ERP, CRM, MES, PDM, and Planning Business systems expertise to fast-track integration solution development

Strategic Relationships

  • Great strategic and working relationships with Oracle Product Management and Development teams