Oracle Software Licensing


Oracle Software Licensing

Four Cornerstone is one of Oracle Corporation’s Preferred Business Partners and one of the top resell firms. Our company is a Value-Added Reseller or VAR. Four Cornerstone has been an Oracle Partner and Gold Reseller since 2004. Four Cornerstone can partner with your organization to help understand the specific business needs or technical needs. After this has been completed, our firm can assist your company or organization with any necessary Oracle software technologies from the Database to the Middleware all the way up through Application layer.

We offer the complete suite of Oracle software and can provide assistance to you and your company whether you already have a selection of Oracle software or are just getting started. We also specialize in products that compliment the Oracle enterprise technology and applications stack, including Redhat Linux and Java enterprise technologies. This depth of experience allows us to ensure that our clients are licensed correctly and at the lowest possible price. Our goal is to ensure you fully benefit from your Oracle investment and receive the most up-to-date information available. We educate our clients regarding all of their enterprise licensing options. We find the best solution for you and your company. You will always pay less buying through Four Cornerstone.

You know how sometimes it’s a challenge to figure out the best way to implement Oracle technologies. Most of the time the license costs far outweigh the server it runs on.

Selecting the right combination of server and license can save you money and get the performance you need.

We’ve learned how to best match servers with Oracle software licenses to maximize performance and minimize licensing costs.

Would you be willing to explore how we can do this for you?

Why would customers want to buy hardware and software from Four Cornerstone?

  • Combined hardware and software purchasing means better overall pricing
  • Four Cornerstone can coordinate and manager support issues
  • “Would you like for us to help you co-term your licenses?”
  • “One back to pat, one throat to choke.”