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Security for Hybrid Cloud Computing Technologies

Most IT departments at many businesses are currently moving their business applications and information to the cloud and the feeling of not being able to see what’s ahead looms over their heads. Cloud computing technology is a great move forward for businesses, but you need to be careful. Most companies are using hybrid clouds because […]

The Top 3 Cloud Security Areas that Enterprises Should Focus On

Businesses nowadays are in a conundrum. Because of fears of security breaches and concerns about cloud security, enterprises are understandably anxious about providing cloud services to their employees. But, as we all know, employees use these cloud services anyway – most especially software as a service (SaaS) and other cloud-based applications. News reports and other […]

Get to Know More about ZCryptor: A ransomware that behaves like a worm

Ransomware takes its name from the fact that it holds your computer hostage and you would not be able to use it until you do what it asks you to do. Usually, ransomware bars you from using your computer until you pay money or complete a survey. Ransomware behavior varies, but usually it prevents you […]

What Businesses Should Do In Case of a Cyber Attack

Time and again, we hear stories of enterprises falling prey to cyber attacks. The main reason why businesses are easily victimized by online attackers is the fact that not all companies are prepared to protect their systems against hackers and other cyber criminals. Of course, this includes the financial vulnerabilities of a company. In the […]

BYOD and Enterprise Security: Risks, requirements and useful tips

  Bring Your Own Device or BOYD has changed the enterprise landscape ever since companies started adopting it as one of their policies. It is a validation that companies acknowledge the value of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. BYOD allows employees to use their own devices to connect to the company’s secure network. There […]

A Better Understanding of the Importance of Enterprise Security

In a society like ours, security is a constant challenge. This is especially true if we take technology into consideration. Our world today is highly technological. It is dependent on technology. The Internet, online media, our mobile devices, and everything else that is driven by technology define practically all our actions. Oftentimes, we use technology […]

Top 5 Ways to Effectively Handle Vulnerability Risk Management

New vulnerability risk management solutions come hand in hand with persisting technology-driven business threats. Vulnerability management is important as it protects the IT environment against malicious attacks and security exposures. It also improves compliance to industry and government regulations. However, challenges surround the usage of vulnerability risk management. These hurdles have a significant impact on […]