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Oracle Cloud Services Consulting

Four Cornerstone, an Oracle Gold Business Partner, reseller, and consulting firm, provides  consulting services for Oracle software, hardware and services.  We intend to take that further with our Oracle Cloud Services Consulting.  Four Cornerstone can help you identify opportunities for your business on the cloud and subsequently help you get started.  We can also give you a concise and clear picture of cloud computing and the many ways your business can benefit from it.

Oracle Cloud Services Consulting services offered by Four Cornerstone include:

  • Migrations
  • Custom Integration
  • New Environment Configurations
  • Developing Custom Applications using Java, PL/SQL, ADF, and APEX
  • Database and Application technology cloud deployments

Migrations.  Four Cornerstone can help you move workloads and business-critical applications to the cloud.  You can get cloud-based test and development, business intelligence, analytics, disaster recovery environments, and other similar platforms easily implemented without a hitch.  We can assist in providing a comprehensive analysis of everything that needs to be migrated, as well as reduce the risk involved in and simplify the entire process of migrating your systems to the cloud.

Custom Integration.  Because every business and or requirement is different, we can help you customize your implementation according to your current systems and future needs.  Working with Four Cornerstone means that you get a team of Oracle experts who can help you come up with a wide variety of customize solutions, allowing you to solve business issues, get maximum returns and transform your organization.

New Environment Configurations.  Starting from scratch?  No problem!  Four Cornerstone can help you every step of the way.  Four Cornerstone’s Oracle experts have the knowledge, expertise and experience to build out, create and integrate a comprehensive cloud solution so that you could easily deploy a wide range of cloud specific characteristics, including rapid elasticity, on-demand self-service computing, and resource pooling.

What you get from us is professional installation and deployment of your cloud infrastructure, as well as detailed documentation from configuration to implementation, and testing and certification of your new cloud infrastructure.

Developing Custom Applications using Java, PL/SQL, ADF, and APEX.  The beauty of working with Four Cornerstone is that have many years of experience working with software, hardware and features from Oracle Corporation.  This means, that we can implement other projects using Oracle, including writing custom applications for your cloud deployments.

Four Cornerstone is focused on two of the most significant offerings in Oracle Cloud Service, but you can trust us every step of the way: from evaluating your business’ cloud readiness strategies, designing your cloud systems and then subsequently implementing to, to migration and build out of new cloud systems.


Why Four Cornerstone?

Four Cornerstone provides you with a team certified Oracle experts who have been working for various companies belonging to different industries.  In short, our experts have decades of experience working with various Oracle technologies, such as Oracle Database Cloud. They are familiar with the best practices as well as the entire range of Oracle enterprise technology products.  We know what you need and can offer you the best solutions for you to employ.

Our team of Oracle certified experts use industry standard methodologies as well as our own brand of service and expertise, ensuring top notch results even in the most complex of projects.

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