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Why is Database Assessment Important?

Your database is the lifeblood of all your initiatives. From operations to big data to ERP, your database plays a central role. If it fails or if somebody breaches it, you’re pretty much doomed.

But a database assessment can be time-consuming. What’s more, even if you have a database administrator on your team, some issues may be missed.

Four Cornerstone can help! We have the expertise needed for a thorough Oracle Database assessment, as well as an evaluation of your database environment, security, and ultimately, your data recovery strategies.

Don’t let your IT team waste their time stabbing in the dark when it comes to your database. Call in the experts who can provide you with a fast and thorough database assessment.


What is a Database Security Assessment?

What is database security assessment, and what does it entail?

You can spend a lot on your database and servers, but this will be nothing if it’s not secure. Your data will always be at risk of breaches and privacy violations.

Four Cornerstone conducts a database security assessment to show you how robust your security is, and if there are vulnerabilities and holes that you should plug.

We perform various types of data vulnerability scanning. We simulate hacking attacks into your database to discover security lapses that you can then fix.


Your Full Database Assessment

In addition to keeping your information safe, assessments ensure your system is up to date with industry innovations and is performing properly.

A thorough database assessment will give you:

  • A comprehensive and detailed view of your database environment.
  • Recommendations on how to make your database faster and perform better.
  • Tips on how to improve your virtual or physical databases and make it more efficient.
  • Advice for the best disaster recovery methods and best practices.
  • Insights for migration needs or vulnerability fixes


Four Cornerstone will conduct an interview where we dig deeper into the current status of your database, including usage times, peaks and troughs, index usages, and concurrent sessions.

We also assess your platform, hardware, fault tolerance strategies, back-up plan, security measures, and supported applications. What’s more, we’ll evaluate recent issues and problems with your database.

To help us with the database assessment, we run tools and scripts to gather and analyze data. The results will give us an overall view of your database environment.


Moving to the Cloud? You Need a Database Migration Assessment.

Database virtualization is a great alternative to hosting your databases onsite. Four Cornerstone can help you start your database virtualization journey by conducting a thorough review of the cloud environment you have, as well as the actual databases that you plan to migrate.

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