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Simplifying Consolidation with Oracle Database 12c

Businesses nowadays are finding database consolidation in the cloud an attractive option.  For one, consolidation cuts down the costs by reducing floorspace, power consumption and licenses needed.  It also delivers cloud-based agility, wherein a business can take advantage of the benefits including simpler and easier management, fast provisioning and self-service. Different Approaches to Consolidation There […]

Rolling Database Upgrade: The UPS Experience

  UPS is the world leader in transportation, starting out as a small company that provided messenger services to a top provider of ocean, ground, electronics and air services.  UPS is currently one of the biggest airlines the world over and its WorldportSM is the biggest automatic package handling facility in the world. WorldportSM serves […]

Dell Uses the Features in Oracle Database to Solve Their Problems

  Dell‘s IT has several Oracle production environments that support its manufacturing, financials, sales and support, HR and internal applications.  Needless to say, each of these applications has different needs and requirements.  For example, manufacturing applications need to be high-performing and are highly transactional, while sales and support applications need to be always available. On […]