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The Benefits of Oracle Database Appliance to Independent Software Vendors

The concept of single managed entities looks really attractive for independent software vendors.  Single managed entities refer to when you have one source for your applications, database, middleware, operating system, hypervisor and hardware.  This allows you to have single handshake, single update and one throat to choke.  Independent software vendors can easily use Oracle Database […]

Oracle Label Security: Flexible multilevel security for your most sensitive data

Several defense, public and government organizations use data with different classifications.  Oracle Label Security helps you consolidate all of these data into a single database.  This tool secures your data by restricting access based on the data’s classification as well as the application user’s security clearance.  This helps you implement multi-level security for everything that […]

Oracle Database Appliance vs Oracle Exadata

Exadata Database Machine gives you extreme scalability and performance for your online transaction processing, data warehousing and other database applications.  You will gain a pre-configured system that is already optimized for any workload and database application.  You can get a system that is able to give you 1.5 million input-output operations every second.  There is […]

Oracle Database Appliance X4-2: Simplify your database and virtualization platforms

The Oracle Database Appliance X4-2 is the third database appliance from Oracle that is available in the market after the Oracle Exadata was introduced in 2008 and the Oracle Database Appliance three years later.  The Oracle Database Appliance X4-2 is an engineered system that brings together all the software and hardware you need to run […]