Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on how you can stay ahead in modern business technology

The rapid pace of technology acceleration is making way for a lot of new opportunities for businesses that have forward thinking and savvy managers. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd shows you how you can stay ahead in this age of big data, cloud computing, more discriminating customers, mobility and social media and more. Hurd adds that […]

Big Data for Business Intelligence: Trends, statistics, facts and more

Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm, recently disclosed the three big data trends for business intelligence. These trends define the capability of big data to modify business processes in the immediate future, providing insights to companies’ leaders to transform from just focusing on internal information management and value generation to also participating in the evolving […]

The Internet of Me, Where Consumer is the King, is the New Big Thing

Comparing the way we are interacting with technology today with how it used to be three decades ago, things have took a massive transformation and technology has grown enormously. Many innovations and inventions have evolved since the first discussion about a network of smart devices in 1982, when an improved Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon […]

Data Integration: What is it and what are its processes

Big data is, forgive the pun, big with businesses. Enterprises are trying to find a way on how to gather, store, interpret data from various sources and use that to create insights about everything that they may find important and help in the decision-making process. The thing is, preparing, accessing and delivering unconventional types of […]