Top Things to Watch Out for in Tech this 2015

The thing with technology is that it is always changing and dynamic.  Technologies rise, and in due time, they become obsolete.  Some have been around for quite some time but have never really hit primetime just yet.  Others reign for so long that they change the way things are done forever. Because it is close […]

Cloud Computing and the World of Virtualization: What Should We Know About It?

Because they are closely connected to each other, virtualization and cloud computing are often confused to mean the same thing.  The casual layman, or even somebody from a service provider, treats both as the same.  Both cloud and virtualization address the same issues: making your computing perform better while also freeing up your resources for […]

The Benefits Of Public Cloud Computing And Big Data For Businesses

  The combination of big data and public cloud computing are taking the business IT world by storm. While both these technologies are useful for organizations, united in joint effort, they can bring your business IT proficiency and operations to a whole new level. In and by themselves, public cloud computing and big data are […]