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Green Data Centers: Cutting Down Overall Business Costs While Lowering Environmental Impact

  Thanks to climate change activists, “going green” has become a household term just about anywhere. Even businesses gripped with initial fears that doing it the environmentally friendly way would bring about a lot of inconveniences and quadruple operations inefficiencies, have felt the pressure to implement more eco-friendly tools and technologies. IT departments have been […]

7 Steps To Prepare Your Business For An IT Infrastructure Disaster

If your business is like most, you likely rely heavily on your technology infrastructure to run it. It only makes sense to protect your valuable IT investments in the event of an unplanned disaster, such as disruptions caused by malfunctioning equipment, carrier issues, unauthorized access, viruses and malware attacks or even hacking. Your IT infrastructure, […]

Online Storage vs. Offline Storage: Which One is More Appropriate for Enterprise?

There are several types of storage that you can use for your business’ growing data.  And knowing what type of storage strategy is great for your business will help you save money and make management very simple.  As more and more organizations realize that they need to store increasing volumes of data, they would need […]