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How Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Help When IoT Starts Flooding You with Data

A retailer or a business currently has a lot of data they can get from a variety of sources, including their suppliers, customers, and employees. These data are easy to analyze. You can get insights such as which of your products are selling well and what time you have more customers inside your store. With […]

What are the Top 10 Strategic Technologies You Should Know About (Part 3)?

In the first installment, we talked about how artificial intelligence is now appearing in different devices and applications. Then, in the second installment, we talked about how strategic technologies are changing the way users are interacting with the virtual world. In the third and last part, we will talk about the mesh strategic technologies that […]

What Is Edge Computing?

What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing optimizes cloud computing systems. But how? Read on and find out. It used to be that computers were these complex and bulky machines that you only see in offices. If you were lucky enough to use a computer terminal, you were a pioneer in computing technology. It was the personal computer that first gave […]

2015’s four biggest tech trends according to Oracle experts

What are the biggest technology trends this year? Here are four according to several Oracle experts: The Internet of Things and the cloud are going to change how governments interact with the citizens. This is according to Khaled AlSaleh and Subramanian Iyer, both senior directors at Oracle Insight. With the cloud, governments would gain a […]

The Internet of Me, Where Consumer is the King, is the New Big Thing

Comparing the way we are interacting with technology today with how it used to be three decades ago, things have took a massive transformation and technology has grown enormously. Many innovations and inventions have evolved since the first discussion about a network of smart devices in 1982, when an improved Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon […]