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What are the New Features of Oracle Database 18c?

What are the New Features of Oracle Database 18c?

With the release of Oracle Database 18c, you can expect new features and functionality. Are these additional features enough for you to decide on upgrading to the latest database version from the technology giant? These features include: Availability features of Oracle Database 18c Non-logged blocks are now automatically corrected using an Oracle Data Guard standby […]

How Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance delivers comprehensive data protection

Imagine restoring your database and you lose all critical business data generated from the last backup. What can be a worse scenario than that? If there is an engineered system that can deliver incomparable data protection, scalability, and efficiency, will you take advantage of the solution for your peace of mind and your company’s utmost […]

4 tips on how to evaluate the right database technology for your business

With several database technology options available in the market, how do you know which one works for your company best? What are the crucial elements to consider when choosing the right solution for your organization before deploying it? Here are some helpful tips to guide you when acquiring database technology: Evaluate the individual pieces of […]

How cloud is transforming the future of small businesses

Small businesses are reshaping their future using the cloud. Why and how are they doing that? The days when enterprises have their own on-premises infrastructure, software, and human resources to handle technology matters are slowly heading to the exit door. Cloud computing is now making it to the core of many companies. The cloud technology […]

What Oracle Database 12c’s new partitioning features can do for your business

When the latest generation of the world’s most popular database became available in the market, everybody is keen to know what makes it different from the previous versions. Tom Kyte, Oracle Vice President, shed light on the new features of Oracle Database 12c, a database that is designed for the cloud. Advantages of the new […]

Service Catalogs and the evolution to enterprise cloud (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous article (you can read part 1 here) we’ve talked about the role of Service Catalogs as a turnkey, enabling the evolution towards a more sustainable enterprise cloud. Because DBaaS can become extremely complex, maintaining an efficient standardization is key, according to an Oracle White Paper titled “Service Catalogs: Defining Standardized Database Services”, […]

How cloud computing can support your company’s speed and agility requirements

In today’s competitive world, business survival is a tough challenge. What can and should you do to stay ahead of the competition? Be innovative, be proactive in communicating with your customers, and be quick in responding to market changes. And what is the key ingredient to achieving this? By having applications that can be deployed […]

Understanding Cloud Computing Application Jargon

Cloud computing has become an integral part of many organizations. But what do the solution architects, software developers and business users need to understand about this technical topic? This article aims to provide you a better understanding of some important enterprise cloud computing application terms. Cloud computing application (cloud app) A cloud app is a […]