Oracle Private Database Cloud: A more dependable cloud platform

  If you need to deliver database services more reliably, then a private database cloud is a great way to do just that.  Private database clouds allow you to consolidate your servers, database workloads and storage on the same software and hardware infrastructure.  You could also get database services as you need it. What’s more, […]

How to license Oracle software when you’re in the Cloud?

  How do you license Oracle Software in the cloud? First off, you need to work with Oracle’s approved vendors.  It is a short list that includes: Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon Simple Storage Service Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Using these cloud providers, you would need to count the virtual cores you are […]

Oracle Solaris 101: Get to know more about Oracle Solaris

  Oracle Solaris was originally developed by Sun Microsystems.  It is a Unix OS that replaced SunOS in 1993.  When Oracle bought out Sun Microsystems in 2010, Solaris became known as Oracle Solaris. The latest version is known as Oracle Solaris 11.  It is being touted as the first cloud OS, retaining the security, scalability […]

Oracle VM and the Private Cloud: A match made in tech heaven

Private clouds are used when businesses and companies turn away from cloud service providers and try to do things on their own.  The beauty of private clouds is that you stand to gain the benefits of cloud computing such as scalability, agility, and metering without actually giving up control and without worrying about your data’s […]

Oracle SOA Suite: Create, deploy and manage service-oriented architectures with ease

  As businesses grow, so does the number of applications and systems they need to manage and keep track of.  This is where service-oriented architecture or SOA comes in.  SOA is very useful in standardization and reusability.  With SOA, businesses can reuse legacy systems, so instead of spending for new technology, they can just use […]