How cloud is transforming the future of small businesses

Small businesses are reshaping their future using the cloud. Why and how are they doing that? The days when enterprises have their own on-premises infrastructure, software, and human resources to handle technology matters are slowly heading to the exit door. Cloud computing is now making it to the core of many companies. The cloud technology […]

Service Catalogs and the evolution to enterprise cloud (Part 2 of 2)

In our previous article (you can read part 1 here) we’ve talked about the role of Service Catalogs as a turnkey, enabling the evolution towards a more sustainable enterprise cloud. Because DBaaS can become extremely complex, maintaining an efficient standardization is key, according to an Oracle White Paper titled “Service Catalogs: Defining Standardized Database Services”, […]

How cloud computing can support your company’s speed and agility requirements

In today’s competitive world, business survival is a tough challenge. What can and should you do to stay ahead of the competition? Be innovative, be proactive in communicating with your customers, and be quick in responding to market changes. And what is the key ingredient to achieving this? By having applications that can be deployed […]

Understanding Cloud Computing Application Jargon

Cloud computing has become an integral part of many organizations. But what do the solution architects, software developers and business users need to understand about this technical topic? This article aims to provide you a better understanding of some important enterprise cloud computing application terms. Cloud computing application (cloud app) A cloud app is a […]

How dealing with a single provider in building the right cloud platform will benefit your business

Cloud computing is winning the hearts of many entrepreneurs across the globe. While many early adopters worked with a few cloud vendors to suit their diverse infrastructure needs, several organizations now realize the benefits of working with only one provider. To ensure the best results for your business, what are the things you need to […]

Oracle Database 12c: For a more efficient enterprise cloud

As organizations evolve with their products and services, business models, and processes to keep up with the dynamic global marketplace, there is more and more need for an enterprise cloud. Enterprise cloud enables a single architecture to host all workloads of any given enterprise and be able to manage with the highest levels of service […]

Benefits and services offerings of Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is becoming more and more in demand as a cloud-based approach to storage as well as management of data. It’s been gaining converts especially from well-established businesses as it enables them to securely and easily install new databases. According to a description by Javier Puerta, from from his blog as Oracle’s director of […]

Top 5 Roadblocks to Cloud Adoption Journey

In this tech-savvy business world, cloud application adoption continues to thrive. Many organizations, from small, medium, to large enterprises have either embraced or started to show interest in implementing cloud applications. Despite its popularity though, there remains barriers in the cloud adoption journey. Some companies prefer to hold on to their traditional technology culture and […]

The Top Four Features of Oracle Database Cloud Service

Oracle Database Cloud Service offers a robust product that encompasses the simplicity of cloud computing and the power which Oracle technology is renowned for. More than just eliminating capital expenditure and reducing operating expenses, Oracle Database Cloud Service delivers insurmountable value and many useful benefits to users. Here are the top four proven features, benefits […]

Modern Marketing with Oracle Marketing Cloud

When the competition gets tougher, the secret ingredient to better customer engagement and more stable profit is to have a comprehensive view of your customers. This will allow you to design strategic marketing programs and campaigns that are properly aligned with your customers’ individual preferences and needs. To achieve this, you need a modern marketing […]