What can Oracle’s Best of Suite Applications deliver to your business?

Imagine having the best-of-breed applications addressing your specific business needs, but you are dealing with multiple vendors for different solutions. Will it not be troublesome for your IT team to deploy and manage everything? What if you have the option to deal with just one vendor for all the leading-edge solutions you require? Oracle doesn’t […]

Why Business Leaders and Decision Makers Need Effective Tech/IT Management

Businesses now rely on IT for just about everything they do.  It is safe to say that IT is no longer just a support function for most companies, but it is now an integral part of their operations.  So it is no surprise that IT is one of the biggest investments in any company.  Gartner […]

Oracle Stack: Giving you complete hardware and software in one setup

  Many people would ask what is the big deal with Oracle offering the complete technology stack.  Well, read on and find out. Oracle gives you the complete hardware and software stack.  You get applications, middleware, database, operating system, virtual machine, servers and storage.  Maybe it would be easier to understand if you see the […]

Three Vital Steps to Ensuring a Healthy Enterprise Software Portfolio

  If you are looking for the continued health of your enterprise software, you better resolve to do the following steps: 1. Check out what software you have and which ones are really important to your business. Check out your current applications to see what you have.  Then determine which ones are important to your […]

Oracle Private Database Cloud: A more dependable cloud platform

  If you need to deliver database services more reliably, then a private database cloud is a great way to do just that.  Private database clouds allow you to consolidate your servers, database workloads and storage on the same software and hardware infrastructure.  You could also get database services as you need it. What’s more, […]

How to license Oracle software when you’re in the Cloud?

  How do you license Oracle Software in the cloud? First off, you need to work with Oracle’s approved vendors.  It is a short list that includes: Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon Simple Storage Service Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Using these cloud providers, you would need to count the virtual cores you are […]

Oracle Solaris 101: Get to know more about Oracle Solaris

  Oracle Solaris was originally developed by Sun Microsystems.  It is a Unix OS that replaced SunOS in 1993.  When Oracle bought out Sun Microsystems in 2010, Solaris became known as Oracle Solaris. The latest version is known as Oracle Solaris 11.  It is being touted as the first cloud OS, retaining the security, scalability […]

Hardware Spotlight: Oracle SPARC T5

The Oracle SPARC T5 processor is currently the most scalable multi-core processor.  It doubles the performance of the SPARC T4. The SPARC T5 gives you superior multi-threaded performance with 16 complex cores, each core having eight threads.  It can run 128 threads simultaneously. The SPARC T5 can give you the horsepower you need to power […]