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What is the difference between virtual machines and application containers?

What is the difference between virtual machines and application containers?

Application containers are hot today, with analysts saying that it will continue to grow. In fact, 451 Research predicts that the application containers market will reach $1.53 billion this year and it will continue to grow to $2.67 billion by 2020. This is because containers are paving the way for agile and quick development. Even […]

Oracle VM: Up to 10 times faster virtualization at a business-friendly price

Virtualization used to be just about simple consolidation. However, IT needs evolve rapidly, and traditional virtualization offerings cannot cope with the changes and new requirements. The old-fashioned virtualization does not have the capability to provide the speed required to provision an application, nor can it satisfy new business demands at a faster pace. Then comes […]

Simplifying the creation and management of private clouds through Oracle VM

A lot of businesses now are simplifying their datacenters by server virtualization, and this includes deploying your applications on private clouds.  It makes sense to both deploy applications and consolidate your datacenters on private clouds because you gain the advantages of cloud computing for your organization. However, some administrators are doing it the wrong way.  […]

Introduction to Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance

Virtual Compute Appliance from Oracle gives you both the hardware and software you need.  It comes complete with server, storage and network environment for enterprise and business critical application deployments.  This is just perfect for large- and medium-sized enterprises. What are included in the Virtual Compute Appliance? The Virtual Compute Appliance includes the following software: […]

Do you want the most practical way to facilitate virtualized MySQL instances? Try the Oracle VM Template

Today’s software vendors and companies usually make their software and services available to their customers on the Web.  And because of the increasing demand for Web-based services and on-demand software, providers will have to address the concerns that your rapidly changing and expanding data center is facing.  That includes higher operating costs, more real estate […]

Oracle VM Guest Additions: Assimilate guest software and virtualization layer directly with ease

Oracle VM Templates gives you pre-configured and pre-installed software images so that you could easily deploy a fully set software stack easily and quickly.  You do not have to worry about the actual installation and you get to save on costs associated with configuring your system.  You can also cut down on costs related to […]