Top Things to Watch Out for in Tech this 2015

The thing with technology is that it is always changing and dynamic.  Technologies rise, and in due time, they become obsolete.  Some have been around for quite some time but have never really hit primetime just yet.  Others reign for so long that they change the way things are done forever. Because it is close […]

Cloud Computing and the World of Virtualization: What Should We Know About It?

Because they are closely connected to each other, virtualization and cloud computing are often confused to mean the same thing.  The casual layman, or even somebody from a service provider, treats both as the same.  Both cloud and virtualization address the same issues: making your computing perform better while also freeing up your resources for […]

Mobility, Cloud, App and Big Data: The Oracle Way

  Check out any list of hot trends in enterprise technology and you would undoubtedly come across four technologies: mobility, cloud, apps and big data.  Another similarity among these four is that Oracle is able to help you use and manage them. The premise is simple: if a technology has the power to change the […]

What Is The Future Of Cloud Computing For Businesses?

For a long time, businesses have been relying on third-party applications and hosted software to run their organizations. When cloud computing entered into the technology stratosphere roughly six years ago, it brought with it a host of opportunities as well as a number limitations. Many enterprises still consider cloud computing as the ‘new kid on […]

The Top Surprising Ways Cloud Computing Could Help Your SME Compete Against Large Enterprise

  One of the biggest selling points for cloud computing is that it gives small- and medium-sized enterprises the chance to level the playing field with their bigger competitors.  For the first time, large corporations no longer have the advantage of having the economies of scale on their side.  That means that even when you […]

Practical Uses For Cloud Computing In Day-To-Day SME Operations

A great number of small and medium-sized enterprises continue to drag their feet in the matter of incorporating cloud computing into their daily operations. The truth is, a huge percentage of them are still unsure of how or where to integrate cloud computing technology into their businesses. Not only can “embracing the cloud” speed up […]