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Microservices: What You Need to Know

Businesses are always in a state of flux with ever-changing demands happening at a relatively fast pace. This is why microservices are becoming really popular. This application architecture model makes use of independently usable and deployable services that serve just one purpose. In order to build your application, you would just need to deploy these […]

Get to Know More about ZCryptor: A ransomware that behaves like a worm

Ransomware takes its name from the fact that it holds your computer hostage and you would not be able to use it until you do what it asks you to do. Usually, ransomware bars you from using your computer until you pay money or complete a survey. Ransomware behavior varies, but usually it prevents you […]

Using Big Data to Drive Customer Satisfaction

  Businesses, regardless of type or size, are slowly considering the incorporation of big data into their daily management and operations tasks. One concrete example of this is Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza delivery chain in the world. Domino’s recently dived into the big data territory when it introduced Domino’s AnyWare, an online platform that […]

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd on how you can stay ahead in modern business technology

The rapid pace of technology acceleration is making way for a lot of new opportunities for businesses that have forward thinking and savvy managers. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd shows you how you can stay ahead in this age of big data, cloud computing, more discriminating customers, mobility and social media and more. Hurd adds that […]

Enterprise Mobile Apps and Testing Automation

It is no secret that businesses are now starting to embrace enterprise apps. The benefits are amazing: workers are more productive, business processes are more efficient and it helps you leverage big data. These mobile solutions are used by your employees and other internal stakeholders, as opposed to consumer apps, which are geared towards customers […]

What is the Common Crawl Initiative?

Common Crawl scours the entire World Wide Web and archives all the pages it goes through. The organization then works to give everyone free access to its archives and data sets. According to the organization, it currently has petabytes of data that they have collected in seven years of crawling the Web. In 2012, the […]

What Does Net Neutrality Mean to Enterprises?

Few users today think about how their Web sites are delivered to them. It is actually simple: your Internet service provider sends and receives information without giving anybody preferential treatment. This means that everything being equal, your Web site would load as fast as your Facebook page. Without net neutrality, companies could pay to make […]

Mobility, Cloud, App and Big Data: The Oracle Way

  Check out any list of hot trends in enterprise technology and you would undoubtedly come across four technologies: mobility, cloud, apps and big data.  Another similarity among these four is that Oracle is able to help you use and manage them. The premise is simple: if a technology has the power to change the […]

Oracle LiveLook: A much better version of’s SOS

In this article we are going to take a look at the history of Oracle Livelook and Salesforce’s SOS. In April 2014, released the Salesforce1 Service Cloud SOS.  The concept is nothing new as it was borrowed from Amazon’s Mayday button.  When a customer needs assistance with a mobile app, he or she simply […]