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Business Process Automation Myths Debunked

Business Process Automation Myths Debunked

Business process automation is the technology-enabled automation of business processes that are otherwise complex and time-consuming. The goal of automation is to make these processes simpler, to increase the quality of products or services, to contain or cut costs, and to improve service delivery. However, just like in so many things, business process automation is […]

Leveraging Cloud Computing Service Partners to Drive Business Transformation

It seems that every company on earth is looking to move to cloud computing. Moving to the cloud is no longer just for a competitive edge, it is a matter of survival. For technology companies, they are facing real competition in their move towards turning their services into subscription-based and cloud-based services. For these companies, […]

Digital Transformation and MySQL in the Financial Services Sector – Part 1

  Nowadays, almost everything is being changed and/or controlled by technology. In the past, we used to read the news only from newspapers and the dailies. Today, we can access news through the World Wide Web, whenever and wherever we want to. Back in the 70s and 80s, we had to call our friends on […]

New Business Process versus New Enterprise System: Should One Be Implemented First Before the Other?

  Improving a company’s business process is an essential factor in assuring the growth and success of an enterprise. Proper delivery of a business process is vital in accomplishing organizational goals. On the other hand, companies also need to have an efficient enterprise system to ensure proper facilitation of business and management needs, particularly those […]

Why Business Leaders and Decision Makers Need Effective Tech/IT Management

Businesses now rely on IT for just about everything they do.  It is safe to say that IT is no longer just a support function for most companies, but it is now an integral part of their operations.  So it is no surprise that IT is one of the biggest investments in any company.  Gartner […]

Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g: For a more efficient business processes

If you are heavily into business process management, then you need Oracle Business Process Management Suite 11g in order to make your life easier, as it gives you one platform that brings all of your applications from different departments together.  This way you could have business processes that are efficient and social that covers all […]

Oracle Process Accelerators: Become more efficient, visible and agile when it comes to your common processes

Oracle Process Accelerators allows you to organize and streamline the adoption of your processes that you get from Oracle BPM Suite 11g.  Not only that, but Oracle Process Accelerators can also help you work with other solutions from Oracle that facilitate process management.  Oracle Process Accelerators are actually prebuilt solutions that you can deploy immediately […]

Promoting Data Democracy Without Descending Into Data Anarchy

In these technologically complex times, your business is literally drowning in information. With the advent of big data, enterprises are flooded with a deluge of everything – from the anecdotal and trifling to clear-cut scientific facts and figures. Data democracy is a phenomenon growing within both small and big enterprises where data becomes more available […]

Ways LinkedIn Can Help You Find the Right and Qualified IT Staff and Employees

  The world of recruitment has changed.  Instead of posting a want ad on online job sites or the traditional way of doing it on newspapers, organizations are looking to social media to fill in vacant positions in their company.  It is now commonplace for companies to post vacancies on their Facebook page or use […]

SMACking Your Way Through Competitors: How Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud Can Improve Your Business

In the cut-throat world of business, gaining market leadership and attaining profitable growth are paramount. Smart entrepreneurs know that harnessing the latest technology to move their businesses forward is the only way to go. Why get stuck in the past using obsolete methods when you can go with the flow of technological change, continuously updating […]