Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

What Businesses Should Do In Case of a Cyber Attack

Time and again, we hear stories of enterprises falling prey to cyber attacks. The main reason why businesses are easily victimized by online attackers is the fact that not all companies are prepared to protect their systems against hackers and other cyber criminals. Of course, this includes the financial vulnerabilities of a company. In the […]

BYOD and Enterprise Security: Risks, requirements and useful tips

  Bring Your Own Device or BOYD has changed the enterprise landscape ever since companies started adopting it as one of their policies. It is a validation that companies acknowledge the value of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. BYOD allows employees to use their own devices to connect to the company’s secure network. There […]

Communication, Education and Shared Responsibility: The keys to security in the age of digital transformation

Even in a world where technology is constantly developing, security is a major issue. Day in and day out, we hear of news about data breaches and other similar threats, so much so that they have become quite the norm. And this becomes a more relevant factor if you talk about the business industry. A […]

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and the Cloud

In this day and age, it seems that every company is seriously talking about the cloud. It is safe to say that a majority of companies all over the world are either considering a cloud-based solution or are already using one. And why not? There are now a lot of cloud providers out there that […]