Internet of Things

Google Artificial Intelligence: For cloud, big data, and Internet security

Google Artificial Intelligence: For cloud, big data, and Internet security

When you mention artificial intelligence, people immediately think about robots doing their own thing, learning from what they see and then acting on their own, or doing things without being asked. In more recent years, AI has not only become a reality, but also a part of our everyday lives. In fact, Google has recently […]

The Internet of Me, Where Consumer is the King, is the New Big Thing

Comparing the way we are interacting with technology today with how it used to be three decades ago, things have took a massive transformation and technology has grown enormously. Many innovations and inventions have evolved since the first discussion about a network of smart devices in 1982, when an improved Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon […]

Technology Trends for 2015: Computing, IoT, Analytics, Smart Machines, Security and More

Technology is an ever changing field and it is not surprising that year after year, not a few observers and industry experts are hailing a particular technology as cutting edge, emerging or “one to watch”. As a new year begins, let us take a look at the technology trends that you will encounter in 2015. […]

What Is Homomorphic Encryption and How Can You Use it to Protect Your Business?

This might be the first time you are hearing about homomorphic encryption, but it certainly won’t be the last. The problem with encrypting your data is that you cannot do anything with it until you decrypt it again in plain text. For example, if you put your files on a third-party server and you do […]

The Internet of Things and Mobile Networks: What are their gaps and how to mend them?

It seems that everybody is in on the Internet of Things (IoT). Most people who are interested in the technology know its various applications. How these devices could collate information, and how they could transmit these information for a variety of uses. We all have heard about the Internet of Things being able to expand […]