Business Intelligence

Why You Need Data Warehousing for Your Business to Succeed

Businesses today are more focused on customers. And rightly so, because customers, no matter where they are, are empowered by technology. They can easily find out more about your products and services, their benefits, and their weaknesses. They can also find out the same things about your competitors just as easily. They can even compare […]

High Availability 101: What is it, its functions and its importance to businesses?

  Managing infrastructures is not easy. There is no denying that. Certain aspects need to be considered, especially when you have to think about matters like failures and downtimes. This is why there is a need to understand the concept and value of high availability (HA). Understanding High Availability High availability occurs when your system […]

Communication, Education and Shared Responsibility: The keys to security in the age of digital transformation

Even in a world where technology is constantly developing, security is a major issue. Day in and day out, we hear of news about data breaches and other similar threats, so much so that they have become quite the norm. And this becomes a more relevant factor if you talk about the business industry. A […]

Digital Transformation and MySQL in the Financial Services Sector – Part 1

  Nowadays, almost everything is being changed and/or controlled by technology. In the past, we used to read the news only from newspapers and the dailies. Today, we can access news through the World Wide Web, whenever and wherever we want to. Back in the 70s and 80s, we had to call our friends on […]

Using Big Data to Drive Customer Satisfaction

  Businesses, regardless of type or size, are slowly considering the incorporation of big data into their daily management and operations tasks. One concrete example of this is Domino’s Pizza, the largest pizza delivery chain in the world. Domino’s recently dived into the big data territory when it introduced Domino’s AnyWare, an online platform that […]

New Business Process versus New Enterprise System: Should One Be Implemented First Before the Other?

  Improving a company’s business process is an essential factor in assuring the growth and success of an enterprise. Proper delivery of a business process is vital in accomplishing organizational goals. On the other hand, companies also need to have an efficient enterprise system to ensure proper facilitation of business and management needs, particularly those […]

Achieving Business Agility Through Oracle Database

  In business, agility is a company’s ability to always be ready or in a position to take account of market changes. In other words, an agile business is able to easily adapt to changes, specifically in the market, in ways that are not only cost effective but also productive. Agility. This is what most […]

Full-service Business Intelligence Is Changing the BI Landscape

A few years ago, business intelligence was only popular among large enterprises. Nowadays, mid-size companies and even small businesses are embracing BI solutions. This BI software offers more tools for organizations to choose from. As companies continue to seek new capabilities, something new is taking shape – the full-service business intelligence. Self-service business intelligence demonstrates […]