Oracle Data Guard

In Case of Emergency: Do You Have a Database Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disasters can happen.  You pray that they don’t, but more than praying, what you should really be doing is to put a disaster recovery plan in place.  Having a disaster recovery plan is part of overall business continuity contingencies that every organization needs.  It allows you to ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum […]

Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard (Part 2): Comparing it to Remote Storage Mirroring

In part 1 of this series, we have discussed why Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard make sense for your disaster recovery systems.  It helps you protect your data, while also bringing down the cost of a disaster recovery solution that is turning off a lot of CIO, IT Managers and other decision-makers from […]

Oracle Data Guard and Active Data Guard (Part 1): High level data protection for your Oracle Database + highest levels of availability for your applications

Just how important is disaster recovery for your business?  Any business would need to protect its assets, and your most important asset is the data you collect about your customers, your competitors and your operations.  Any failure in your system, component or site can be very expensive.  Data corruptions, application downtime and human error could […]