Oracle Events

Oracle Introduces Two New Extensions: For a more robust business management solution

  Oracle is set to help customers make sense of IT management even for the most complex environments with extensions made for both Oracle Enterprise Manager and MySQL Enterprise Edition. The new extensions for Oracle Enterprise Manager allow users to manage MySQL environments on top of the ones that they are currently managing.  In short, […]

A General Recap of the Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Oracle OpenWorld is a year event for Oracle’s customers and is geared towards information technology managers, decision-makers and C-suite executives.  The event has grown to become the biggest conference for Oracle.  And you could certainly learn a lot about where the company is going when you attend OpenWorld. This includes what to expect from Oracle […]

The New MySQL 5.7 Development Milestone Release: Can process 650,000 queries and deliver 1 million queries per second

  Both your business needs and the technology that supports these needs are always changing, so it follows that your database does change, too.  The good news is that if you are using Oracle products and software, you are sure that some of the world’s best programmers and engineers are working hard to help keep […]

What’s new with Oracle: Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL and MySQL Enterprise Edition Extensions

Oracle has time and again proven that you do not have to complicate things as far as managing your IT environments is concerned.  With Oracle Enterprise Manager, it is easy to oversee what is happening to your Oracle systems, even in the most complex IT environments.  And now, the software giant has made the Oracle […]