Oracle SOA

How Oracle Enterprise Repository can change the way you do business

To cope with the challenges of competitive business environment, organizations must not only continue to innovate. They must also learn to mitigate risks. One way to do this is to monitor and control IT investments to ensure they’re in line with corporate objectives. The key to successful IT initiatives is to first establish best enterprise […]

Case Study: Oracle Fusion Middleware and service-oriented architecture

Note: This article showcases the benefits, applications and uses of Oracle Fusion Middleware. NOPERU is a fictional enterprise. You can read our source for this blog post here. NOPERU (National Organization for Permits for Emissions and Resource Usage) is a public organization assigned with issuing permits for excessive emissions and use of resources such as energy […]

Oracle SOA Suite Components (Business Events and Event Delivery Network): Formulate events that are important to your business

  When you have a service-oriented architecture, you would need something to create business events without worrying about how messaging for these events would be handled.  This is exactly where Oracle SOA Suite excels. You can create business events for those situations or instances that are of importance to your business.  These business events would […]

Oracle SOA Suite Components (Oracle Adapters): Connect your external systems to the Oracle SOA Suite

  When using the Oracle SOA Suite, you can connect it to other systems using the Oracle Adapters.  This helps you extend the functionality of your Oracle SOA Suit and allows you to optimize your investments.  You can integrate your own applications to Oracle SOA, because Oracle Adapters give you an integration framework that is […]

Oracle SOA Suite Components (Oracle Service Bus): Robust environment for message transformations, orchestrations and routing

  Oracle Service Bus is an important component of Oracle SOA Suite. It allows you to manage connections, incoming service requests, routing, and logic, and to control the flow of communication between different services.  It also enables you to oversee your services and the corresponding service level agreements.  However, the Oracle Service Bus is just […]