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In Case of Emergency: Do You Have a Database Disaster Recovery Plan?

Disasters can happen.  You pray that they don’t, but more than praying, what you should really be doing is to put a disaster recovery plan in place.  Having a disaster recovery plan is part of overall business continuity contingencies that every organization needs.  It allows you to ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum […]

Improve your Business with Oracle Internet of Things

  The Internet of Things (IoT) makes use of several devices that have sensors in them. These devices gather and collect data and then transmit these over a network, usually without human intervention. In an enterprise, the Internet of Things can help you get valuable information about your products, your workplace, and your factories. IoT […]

How Oracle Exadata’s latest version delivers increased flexibility

How Oracle Exadata’s latest version delivers increased flexibility

How Oracle Exadata’s latest version delivers increased flexibility Oracle Exadata X5-2, the sixth generation Oracle Database machine that was launched in January 2015, has been getting attention from many IT professionals and purchasing managers. It’s because Oracle delivers its promise of impressive performance with the machine’s faster processors and larger memory capacity – a 50% […]

What can Oracle’s Best of Suite Applications deliver to your business?

Imagine having the best-of-breed applications addressing your specific business needs, but you are dealing with multiple vendors for different solutions. Will it not be troublesome for your IT team to deploy and manage everything? What if you have the option to deal with just one vendor for all the leading-edge solutions you require? Oracle doesn’t […]

How dealing with a single provider in building the right cloud platform will benefit your business

Cloud computing is winning the hearts of many entrepreneurs across the globe. While many early adopters worked with a few cloud vendors to suit their diverse infrastructure needs, several organizations now realize the benefits of working with only one provider. To ensure the best results for your business, what are the things you need to […]

The Database Administrators’ Top Concerns about Cloud Computing

Many organizations have taken the step towards cloud computing because it saves them a lot of time, money and resources. How does cloud computing affect the role of a database administrator (DBA) in a cloud environment now that his primary duties are taken away by the cloud? The DBA’s initial reaction could be fear of […]

Benefits and applications of augmented reality to businesses

With the proliferation of technologically advanced smartphones, tablets and other powerful but handy devices, augmented reality (AR) becomes more widely and conveniently available. This technology, which uses information available in audio, graphics, text, or GPS data integrated with the users’ real-time environment, has been gaining popularity and attention from many businesses and diverse industries not […]