Oracle SQL

Digital Transformation and MySQL in the Financial Services Sector – Part 2

  The first part of this article focused on digital technology and how it has overtaken practically every aspect of our life. It also talked about the importance of a stable and reliable digital infrastructure and how it can offer convenience for a much better business processes. It likewise enumerated the reasons why MySQL should […]

How a Facebook Game Use MySQL Cluster CGE to Its Advantage

  Playful Play is a Latin American company that provides video games for social networks.  The Mexican company works with a talented team of programmers to come up with games that you can play on Facebook and other social networks.  It is by no accident that the company aims to develop the world’s addictive games. […]

Future-proof Your Business with MySQL Cluster: Best for big data and transactional database

  Welcome to the age of big data, where you have to contend with large volumes of information and an accompanying increase in user loads.  You are now getting data and information from social networks, the Internet of Things, sensors and devices powered by increasingly connected global communities, and speedier and faster Internet broadband speeds […]

PL/SQL: What Is It and When Do You Need Oracle DBA Training for It?

PL/SQL, or Procedural Language / Structured Query Language, was created by Oracle to augment their relational databases and SQL.  PL/SQL is available for Oracle Database as well as other Oracle products. We already have SQL, or Structured Query Language that enables us to manage the data we keep in a relational database management system, so […]