Getting SAP Applications to Work with Oracle

  German software company, SAP, gets a great deal of animosity from Oracle.  What used to be a perfectly harmonious cooperation got saddled with lawsuits and copyright infringement culminating in a $1.3 billion decision against SAP in favor of Oracle in 2010 to the subsequent $306 million settlement in 2012. The competition between the two […]

Oracle’s Acquisitions: How Does It Affect the Company’s Products

  What do Sun Microsystems, PeopleSoft, SleepyCat, KSplice, Collaxa and BEA Systems all have in common?  These companies were gobbled up by Oracle, along with around 80 other companies, starting January 2002. Shopping Galore: The Collaxa purchase Yes, Oracle has been buying companies left and right.  So what does this mean for the company’s products, […]