Simplifying Consolidation with Oracle Database 12c

Businesses nowadays are finding database consolidation in the cloud an attractive option.  For one, consolidation cuts down the costs by reducing floorspace, power consumption and licenses needed.  It also delivers cloud-based agility, wherein a business can take advantage of the benefits including simpler and easier management, fast provisioning and self-service. Different Approaches to Consolidation There […]

Use MySQL Enterprise Monitor to easily monitor MySQL assets in a private cloud (with video demo)

Setting up MySQL Enterprise Monitor version 3.0 with your private clouds is easy. There are two functionalities that you should know: phone home and process discovery adviser. Phone Home If you have a fresh install of the MySQL Service Manager, you will want to go to shell and run an unattended install of the agent.  […]

Oracle Optimized Data Center: Take your business’ service infrastructure to the next level

Simply put, the Optimized Data Center is Oracle’s roadmap for a business or enterprise to be able to have a cost-effective and dynamic service infrastructure.  These strategies are aimed at growing your business and fostering innovation. But first, what constitutes an optimized data center? An optimized data center has a simple IT infrastructure with a […]