Oracle Database 12c: Get into the Cloud

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Oracle Database 12c: Get into the Cloud

With Oracle Database 12c, you can now use Oracle Active Data Guard in different locations.

Oracle has worked on the Oracle Database 12c for more than five years, incorporating all the features you like and adding some 500 new ones into the mix.  Oracle senior vice president for database server technologies, Andy Mendelsohn, has said that the company designed the product to help customers get onto the cloud easily, with lower costs and easier management.

But enough of the all encompassing and vague pronouncements regarding Oracle Database 12c features.  What does the Oracle Database 12c really give customers?

1. A new way to virtualize.

If you have Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, you can opt to have Oracle Multitenant so that you could manage different databases as one.  Even so, you can still have the resource control and isolation that you need for separate databases.

Each of these multitenant containers can host different pluggable databases, which appear to applications as a single database.

This set up makes it easier to generate multiple virtual environments and still manage them as one.  You simply manage the container database and all your work is replicated in all pluggable databases within that container.  This also paves the way for easy upgrades.

2. Better security.

Now that you have a system that is easily managed and upgraded, it’s time to focus on security.  You have different levels of security for the databases.  This means that you can assign a system administrator access to a pluggable database and he or she would not be able to see the databases in the container in which it belongs.  You would need a container database security level in order to see all the different pluggable databases .

Furthermore, most of the security and auditing features are now incorporated into the database by default.  No more turning it on by yourself.

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3. Improved availability.

With Oracle Database 12c, you can now use Oracle Active Data Guard in different locations.  This allows you to ensure against data loss even if you are on a wide area network.

You could also use Oracle Automatic Storage Management and the Oracle Flex Automatic Storage Management to make sure you do not have to schedule a downtime to provision resources in your database.

4. Best for development and testing environments.

Because of the pluggable architecture, you no longer have to waste time and manpower resources when patching or upgrading.  You can just consolidate your databases into a container and do the upgrades and patches.

You can also make it easier to allocate CPU resources between two containers.  This way, you can give more power to containers and databases that need them more.

5. Perfect for SAAS Vendors and businesses.

According to Mendelsohn, Oracle Database 12c’s multitenant architecture would serve four different uses: software as a service (SaaS), dev/test, database as a service (DBaaS) and consolidation.

If you are looking for ways to take advantage of the advanced benefits and cost savings that Oracle Database 12c can give you, as well as an easy way to migrate onto the cloud, call Four Cornerstone.  We can help you install and deploy Database 12c now.  You do not need to wait!

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