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Using Cloud Computing Services For Your Business: Can it help you save?

  Cloud computing promises to cut down on costs, but it seems that there are a lot of companies that are not getting that benefit. Or at least, they are not saving as much as they have hoped to. This means there are some businesses that are migrating
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Compliance in Cloud Computing Services: Top 3 things you should do

  We all make it a point to follow rules, be it simple traffic guidelines or the more complicated tax laws. This is how it is with cloud computing, especially when you use a public cloud service for storing your data. Compliance laws in storing your data on
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How Cloud Computing Services Encourage Innovation?

It is said that Encyclopedia Britannica simply did not see Wikipedia coming.  The greatest innovations in the world are often disruptive to current trends, even the established industry leaders.  And this is the reason why your business needs to be innovative in order to come up with the
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Oracle and Samsung Team Up to Bring Cloud Services to Mobile Phones

The cloud is just about everywhere and people are talking about it doing just about everything. So isn’t it about time you find it on your mobile phones? The good news is that two technology giants, Oracle and Samsung are rumored to be working together to deliver cloud
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