Business Technology Solutions

We partner with our clients to understand the business requirements or challenges they are working to overcome in their industry.

We ensure technology solutions support the future of their business. Our consultants have more than the expertise to deploy software and hardware; they have the experience to help you best apply your technology to meet your business needs.

Custom Application Development

Sufficient storage is critical to your operations as it houses all your business data, backups, and recovery systems. Our storage engineering team will ask the right question to understand your business and technical requirements. We can also help you select and implement the right enterprise storage solutions and ensure the storage technology is setup and configured properly.

Database Development

Designing and developing database solutions from scratch gives you a solid foundation with fully customized solutions to save you time and money. When you partner with Four Cornerstone, we will ensure the initial business requirements are understood, design a custom database application or service to fit the requirements. Four Cornerstone uses the industry best of breed database technologies to manage and secure our client’s data. Through the process, we proactively look for ways to optimize performance, ensure uptime, secure the data, and manage the system.

Enterprise Security

Security is always on the minds of our technology team. We partner with our clients in helping to secure applications, data, and infrastructure to prevent hacking, theft, viruses and other security vulnerabilities. Four Cornerstone provide security policies and guides you through the implementation process. We have strong experience designing and implementing identity Manager, Access Management Enterprise Single Sign-On, Advanced Security Option, Virtual Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, Audit Vault, and Database Vault, as well as database security, compliance and reporting requirements to reduce liability and secure the business.

Energy Industry Technology

As a Fort Worth, Texas based company, we understand the importance of leveraging innovative technology in the oil and gas field. Whether your company is just starting your journey with data management and integration services or you want support for your legacy systems, we can evaluate your technology needs and recommend areas for improvement. Our consultants partner with you to get the most out of industry-specific applications such as ArcGIS, Petra, and other cloud-based third party applications and service providers.

Oracle Solutions

As an Oracle preferred business partner, we are able to guide and assist with aggressive pricing on all Oracle technology products from Cloud through On-premises. We have been an Oracle partner since 2004 and have a diverse and experienced team of Oracle technology resell experts. Licensing the Oracle product stack correctly based on our client’s business and technology requirements at the best possible price is always our goal. We help reduce the licensing and tech- nology confusion. Our goal is to design solutions that are understandable and meet the business goals and objectives. Whether your looking into On-PremisesMySQL, Oracle Linux or Oracle Cloud services, We’re guaranteed to be well-versed in the Oracle product that best suits your needs.

AI Solutions

Artificial intelligence can help you gain efficiencies in client service, supply chain, distribution, finance, talent acquisition, data mining and a host of other crucial processes. We help you answer the question “How can AI help my business?” Work with Four Cornerstone to create custom AI solutions and set them up to serve your enterprise long-term.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Four Cornerstone works with you to help make sense of all the data that your operations gather and store. Be it information on sales, marketing, operations, and other types of business data you have, we know you can get more out of it. With our business intelligence consulting services, we help improve your data, set up data marts, data warehouses, and even customize your very own analysis and data mining applications. We also keep your data safe and secure, manage your metadata and set you up for audit success.

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