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Harness the power of your data with application development, integration and migration services.

Custom Application Development Services

Create a database solution for your operations. Four Cornerstone can help you design and develop databases from design through standing them up, allowing you to have one that becomes the solid foundation for your business. We offer fully customized solutions that allow you to save time and money. This includes knowing and analyzing your requirements, creating a conceptual design of your data and logically designing the data. With relational schema and entity design, we use entity-relationship modeling to help you design your database from the top down

Working with Four Cornerstone allows you to have a highly flexible database that grows as your business grows. Four Cornerstone uses the latest technologies and languages. From design, to development, to implementation and integration, Four Cornerstone can help you get your databases off the ground.

Custom Application Development Services

Using Oracle, SQL Server, or MySQL for your data- base brings a lot of benefits to your business. For one, you will no longer have to worry about perfor- mance issues, downtime and compatibility. You can maintain and operate these technologies with less costs and ongoing resources. Plus, you will have Four Cornerstone backing you every step of the way!

MySQL runs the most relational databases in the world and is used by the world’s most famous websites and IT departments. Four Cornerstone has some of the top MySQL Database engineers, archi- tects, and developers in the MySQL community. With a combined 15+ years of MySQL expertise and experience, we can help you get started with MySQL for your database services. Four Cornerstone has been a preferred Oracle MySQL Specialized Partner for almost a decade. This gives us the experience to work with just about any business in just about any industry.

Getting your MySQL development designed and built by experienced database engineers like us allows you to have:

Database Optimization and Integration

Four Cornerstone helps a wide range of businesses get the most out of their database technologies. We have a team of experienced engineers that specialize in performance tuning who will help figure out the bottlenecks in your database and optimize it to run faster and smoother. From optimizing new and existing databases to doing upgrades and patches, you can rely on Four Cornerstone.

Database Migration

When you need to migrate to another database format or create data warehouses and data schema, we can perform the necessary master extracting, transforming and loading data from your existing database. Four Cornerstone can cut the time and headache you go through with our expertise. We can also help you design your data warehouse and data mart for future migrations.

Database Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery

We know you don’t have the luxury of waiting when your operations are interrupted. When your databases are used for internal processes, by clients, suppliers, third parties and channel partners for a variety of purposes, you can’t afford downtime. Four Cornerstone is here to help. We can provide you with solutions to make disaster recovery as painless and easy as possible. We can also help you design, develop, implement and manage backups of your database, ensuring that data recovery is seamless and fast.

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