Enterprise Security

The Best Defense Is A Trained Team

Learn how to keep your enterprise secure.

Enterprise Security

The Best Defense Is A Trained Team

Learn how to keep your enterprise secure.
Get oversight and training for users and IT staff on Cyber and Physical Security best practices. We provide consulting on the following topics to help keep your enterprise safe:

Safeguarding proprietary and sensitive data is critical to conducting business in the cyber arena. We work with clients to create a cyber security framework outlining business objectives, assessing risk, defining tolerance levels, and prioritizing gaps. We can then implement your program; bring staff up to date on policies and best practices, and train personnel to prepare and respond to security incidents.

Strategy and Advisory Services

Every business reaches a point that necessitates the level of insight unattainable through in-house staff. We enhance your capabilities by facilitating your staff through innovation, and streamlining your services with the right blend of business and security counsel. By defining your security baseline and controls while appropriately allocating resources to grow and advance your business

Security Program Design Services

As a security consulting practice we design your Security Program based on industry recognized assessments, to accurately measure risk, benchmark program maturity against similar organizations, then report on program performance to peers and executives in the language of business.

Security Controls and Compliance Services

Our team of professionals can advise executive management and assess current procedures against compliance to the latest laws, industry standards, and government regulations. We help clients assess their risk versus controls to comply with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), GDPR, SOX, SOC2, HIPAA, HITECH, ISO 9001, SAS-70, GLBA, FFIEC, NIST, and ISO 27002.

Vulnerability Analysis and Consulting Services

We assess your organization’s cyber-footprint, identify potential vulnerabilities, and create an effective and measurable risk management strategy. Equipping your staff with the tools and knowledge, to mitigate security vulnerabilities to protect against hacking, phishing, and social engineering attacks.

Incident Response Services

The legal ramifications of a security incident have become more important than ever to consider. Any security incident will have impacts to the organization. The level of the incident and the response will dictate how the reputation and financial stability of that organization will be impacted in the future. An attack or data breach can impact customers, intellectual property, company time, and resources. An incident response plan aims to reduce this damage and recover as quickly as possible. Having experienced and trained Investigators is a key component in order to learn from the breach and mitigate any issues in the future. It is not a matter of if your organization will be attacked but when? Understanding your business requirements and security controls is the first step in detection and prevention of security breaches.

Cloud Architecture & Consulting Services

Modern technology comes in all shapes and sizes. Leveraging the cloud could be the perfect answer to launch highly-available, cost-effective, scalable, and automated solutions with minimal setup time. Whether you’re looking to organize data flows, migrate existing infrastructure, stand-up a new solution, or lean-out overhead costs, our team is ready to provide a plan to best suit your needs. Well versed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 Platform, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have the ability to architect your next cloud solution from the ground-up, or provide our expertise to your organization.

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